Monday, December 31, 2007

How to kill a lizard

Allan's house is having a face lift; as the whole house was being repainted. In the midst of it all, we stumbled upon a lizard that got stucked on the wet paint and trying desperately to stay alive. Allan tried to tear it apart from the wall, but just couldn't, coz the paint has to be dried and is extremely sticky.

Allan's mum is really brave, she wanted to smack the lizard because she didn't want it to suffer for days and starved to death. But the lizard was sticked on a corner which was quite hard to reach with her slipper. Then we decided to spray Shieldtox on it. However, the insecticide was not strong enough and apparently we can still see it is struggling with its head - it's sole part which is able to move. The image is extremely disturbing, like we are placing it into the gas chamber. Then the whole family and me brainstorm for other alternatives to kill the lizard, we were trying to be humanitarian. We can't use fire because Allan told me it hurts being burnt, and we can't use hot water too because it is on the wall and quite hard to pour water on to it. Then at the end, we have no choice and decided to smack it using hammer. Allan did it! Whack whack whack!

Urghh, actually it is very disgusting and disturbing, I dare not to look at it at all. I asked Allan afterwards about his feeling, he told me he didn't think anything else but know that he have to do it quick. Of course he and his mum feel it is disgusting too, but they are really brave. Bravo!! I feel so guilty because I am afraid of lizards thus at first I told Allan to leave it to starve to death. I don't understand how can xiaxue so enjoy smacking lizard... 人有人阿妈,妖有妖阿妈。。动物抑有动物阿妈

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