Sunday, December 23, 2007

My Pre-Christmas weekend

It was an exhausted weekend. I was back to Seremban on Friday to visit my new born niece, it is always very tiring to entertain all the kids in my family.
Kid can be serious too when playing game

I went to PD with my sampat Seremban-kia for BBQ on the next day. It was so fun, we even chit chat for whole night until the next day, meaning today, I will blog about this later.

Then I took a nap while I reach KL at around 3pm until 6pm, drag myself out from my cozy bed and get ready to go 1U to meet Jen Jen from Penang for dinner. I was like a zombie while I bathe and drive to 1U, I can't remember how I drive there. Haha. My head almost explode while I spent around 30 minutes to look for a parking space in 1U. Finally I met Jen Jen and the rest, there are 7 of us. We have never met each other for 2-3 years already after our convocation, last time we went to Pulau Redang for our graduation trip together! Ahhh.. those were the days. Then we joke to each other and laugh until very loud in the restaurant. It was really a great time.
And now I am back at home at 10pm++. I don't know where I get this energy from, surprisingly I am still conscious. But I can feel my brain is not functioning really well at this moment. Ja ne.

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