Tuesday, August 30, 2016

it's been a while

it's been a while since I last blog....

It was two years ago since my last post.. look back what have I done for the past two years, what else besides my new responsibility as a mom, while still struggling to adapt to this not-so-new place...

My cousin, Chung Hoe has passed away two days ago, and this make me wanna return to write something here. It's really painful to me as we have very close age gap and we grow up together from Kampung Pasir to Lobak.. I'm one of the youngest in the family hence he is one of the few cousin who calls me Jie Jie. There is so much emotion I have but it's too painful to put it into word.. I just don't want to think about it anymore and life goes on..

It's even more painful when I can't be there to pay my last respect to him coz Im pregnant and was told not to attend the funeral. I know my relatives just loves me and don't want anything happen on me so I don't insist, I don't want them to worry about me. Time like this makes me feel so sorrow for being home away, feeling so helpless and left out for not being able to be there for all the person I care. Everytime I miss a family gathering or trip I feel a sense of emptiness and lost.

Friday, June 20, 2014


One more week and I'm officially full term. I've gained a total of 12kg now. Well, not too bad... hope the next few weeks can go easy on me.

Probably due to too much walking over the weekend, baby is kicking really actively and I can feel the contraction in my uterus for the past few days. It makes my belly rock hard and worse I had some spotting... I thought I'm going into labor anytime soon but I didn't feel any pain so Dr just told me not yet. But Dr also mentioned since I'm into 37 weeks soon so he is not too worry if baby want to pop out anytime now. Moreover, baby is already 2.9kg! It's a bit big considering my petite size. Alright alright, I shall walk more..

Third trimester has not been easy for me, past few weeks I had serious rib pain and it felt like a knife stabbing into my rib cage everytime I lie down and get up from bed. Then I constantly feel the numbness in my palm and feet. Not to mention the frequent urination, short of breath, fatigue and STRETCH MARK!!!! If there is one thing I'm happy with, my feet size has grown one size bigger, I hope it stay in this size so no more kid department shopping for my shoes after this.

Anyway, it's the final countdown now. I can't wait to see my baby come into the world; in my arm crying and kicking. Pray for my baby to be healthy and strong, pray for a smooth delivery process with no complication, pray for a enjoyable confinement period for baby, the dad and myself.

Monday, April 21, 2014


I know it's not easy. Stop telling me how difficult it is to deal with delicate new born without having a confinement lady or helper. No doubt I'm worrying too, but we have no choice. Don't tell me it's a mission impossible; it's tough but it's not impossible, I'm sure there are parents who able to manage it by themselves.

Most importantly, I trust Danny. He will be my confinement caretaker and I'm sure he can take care of bb and me very well. That's why I chose him to be my husband; because I have faith in him where I can always count on.

It really touched my heart when Danny told me we are 三个人一条心 and assure me we can go through it together hand in hand. He is never a romantic person and I guess this is probably one of the most touching word he say to me.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

27 weeks

I need to refer to my calendar to know I'm at week 27 now. It used to be off the top of my heads in my 1st and early 2nd trimester whenever people ask me which week I'm on.

Just weight myself and I've gained a total of 10kg now. I'm feeling so so so heavy already. Perhaps with my shorter torso, I find it even difficult to just sit straight. All I want to do it lie down on bed. Still got 3 months to go ler, hou san fu aaarrrgghhhh.....

Sunday, April 06, 2014

2 years down.. another 2 years

Time flies, it's been two years since I came to SG. Well, it doesn't really that blink of an eye; in fact it's been stressful for the past 2 years.

I wasn't intend to settle down in SG initially. Then the whole thing about for a better future of next generation changed my mindset; although Danny has been wanted to settle down in SG since the beginning. 

It's not an easy decision to make; especially for us who already having an established life in Malaysia. We gotta start from beginning to start our new life, Danny and I are working really hard on this. It might not be frugal living, but there is a big portion of our monthly income that goes into the commitment and savings towards our purpose. And now you know why am I feeling annoyed when people say we are having good life because we are earning SGD, that sound really sarcastic because those who say so apparently are having a better life than us in Malaysia.

So it's been two years now. I guess we are progressing well. We bought a condo, we are expecting new family member, we are able to afford some vacations.. things are on track and all we need now is continue working hard and wait for the day to move in our new place. Which is another 2 years for the construction to complete. 

I remember the day Danny and I booked the condo; it's the second happiest moment I had in SG (of coz the first goes to we found out we have a bun in the oven), and I thought it's the end of my distress for wanted to settle down as early as we can in sg. But recently I've been feeling stressful and emotional again; perhaps the pregnancy hormonal change; but I believe it's also due to the additional financial burden while we are expecting the little one; plus the retrenchment rumors circulating in my workplace. Well, actually there is nothing much I can do at the moment, so I'm writing this post just to remind myself to cherish what I have and hang on there for another 2 years. Just can't wait to end our nomad life..

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Feel the bun kicking for the first time, I think

I'm at my 15w/5d today and I think I felt our baby's movement for the first time! I'm not very sure though coz it might be just gas rumbling or simply due to the abdominal stretched.

So I was lying on bed chatting with Danny on whatapps, then suddenly I felt a tapping sensation from inside my tummy. I thought it was my shorts that is too tight causing the discomfort so I took off the pant (:p). Then I felt it again! I think BB was happy because I just had a very hearty meal. The feeling was so amazing I just dunno how to describe it. I told Danny immediately and it might sound silly but next thing I know I found myself tearing, blame the pregnancy hormone again. Hehe

Bb, u must behaved guai guai in mummy's tummy o. Daddy and mummy can't wait to see u in July and we promise will shower you with loads of love.

P/S :
So the "kick" I felt wasn't the real baby movement. lol. Coz I didn't feel it anymore after that until I'm at week 21 which is few days ago. I finally felt the real quickening few days ago and this time I'm confirmed.

It's not a tapping sensation like how I described previously, instead it's like popcorn popping or hunger pang. And while I put my hand on my tummy I can actually feel it! It's so amazing and I just can't help to giggle everytime I feel it. It's just soooo amazing I have no other better word to describe it.

Friday, January 17, 2014

While we are expecting our little one #2 - first trimester

I'm always an optimistic person and I thought I will be the lucky one who doesn't need to go through morning sickness in my pregnancy. I WAS SO WRONG! in fact my morning sickness was quite bad I almost cried every few days; not sure it was due to the discomfort from morning sickness or the hormone. 

At week 6, I was still happily telling Lezann and the peeps I am not feeling any discomfort and everyone thought I am so lucky. Then my morning sickness kicks in at week 8 and it totally change my world. I couldn't enjoy any food and I was so fatigue all the time all I wanna do is lay on bed for the whole day. The usual 10-15 minutes walking distance to MRT station is killing me everyday and it's very silly but yes I cried few times while I'm walking home from MRT station. Arghh, blame the hormone again.

I feel so nausea all day, not just morning, I had no appetite to eat yet feeling hungry every few hours. The nausea gets worse whenever I'm hungry, so I had to force myself to eat then put up with the softer version of queasiness throughout the day. I didn't throw up although I'm feeling nausea until I reach week 10, then  I ran to toilet several times a day to puke. However, puking is not too bad as I felt much better after doing so. Just tat sometimes I have to be quick in spotting a toilet whenever I need it.

Then once I entered into second trimester at week 13, the morning sickness just magically gone overnight. One day before I was still hugging the toilet bowl to cry, the next day I woke up and feeling all energetic and wanna eat all the food I can. How funny yet big relief to me, of coz to Danny too. :D

Now I look back, it was just a month that I suffered the morning sickness but it seems like years for me when I was going through it. I'm literally counting day by day and thought I will never get back my normal diet anymore. How silly.

At this moment I'm in my second trimester, I still feeling nausea sometimes, but not too frequent, I can finally enjoy my food; although still not as enjoyable as before pregnancy. I'm still feeling hungry every 2-3 hours. I do have some new symptoms such as rapid heart rate, minor leg cramp and itchy skin. Aside from these I'm feeling energetic, happy, and all positive. ^___^ 

I know I will suffer again when third trimester come, so I better enjoy myself to the max during this period. Continue my queen treatment at home by Danny. :p