Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Welcome 2008

It was a different new year day; Allan and I didn't go out for new year countdown. I think this is the first time we spent the night before 1st of Jan at home and not drunk, haha. Partially is due to I am on call, but we also don't feel like going out to take the risk end up counting down in the car.

I have already done a recap for year 2007. It was quite a productive year for me. This year, I can even have a new job on a new year! Haha. However, sadly I don't really excited for the new job. It is so not like me. I think my current job has killed my passion in my carreer. Hopefully I can accelerate again once I start the new job.

To kick start a good new year, I have achieved 3 achievements on last month which are suppose to be my 2008 new year resolution. Haha, mainly due to I am too free lately while nothing else to be transitioned in ACS. Firstly, I have passed my Oracle 9i to 10g upgrade exam 3 weeks ago; secondly, I have increased my monthly auto debit donation for charity. And thirdly... the most significant... is .. is ... is... Dang Dang Dang Dang... I have bought myself a saxophone on 30th December 2007!!! I'm so excited now and I am going to collect it tomorrow!! it has been 7-8 years I didn't play saxophone after left my secondary school band. For now, one more new year resolution for 2008 is to catch up my saxophone skill.

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