Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Farewell for Yuen

Yuen is going to the Philippines soon, thus we decided to have a farewell dinner for him. Yuen is from ACS too but he left before I joined, then I know him from my other colleagues from ACS. We did hang out for several times before and he is a very funny guy. I always laugh until my jaw drop when I meet him with my other ex-colleagues.

Ten of us went to the Overseas Restaurant at Jalan Imbi. I heard about this restaurant from a lot of people but this is my first time being there, they said it is the flagship store of Overseas Restaurant. The food is really FABULOUS!!! We had Lou Sang, roast suckling pig, steam fish, spare ribs with red wine, frog and etc.. This is the best roast suckling pig I've ever had!! so crispy yet not too oily... Even the dessert - lotus paste pancake is damn nice wei.. Even Jitu, an indian (from India) also likes the frog and the pig!! Haha.. Oh, and what's the best thing? Yuen paid the bill!

We made a lot of noise. We dine and wine from 7pm till 10pm!!! There is one funny thing that happened in the restaurant. Me, Chia Lee and Cindy went to the restroom, there are only 2 compartments in the ladies. Both the compartments were occupied when we entered the restrooms. Then me and Chia Lee were a bit high already due to the alcohol effect and make some stupid jokes. Then we realize the person in one of the compartment still have not come out after a few round from the other compartment. Chia Lee said its a girl in that compartment "Oo Si", and we just laughed out loud after she made that statement. Then after that the door open and a GUY came out!!!! And the guy just said "Opps, sorry, I though this is the gents.". Then me and Chia Lee just stared at him and stoned. There is another aunty in the restroom too and she even have a faster response than us youngsters and told the guy "Nevermind, ha ha ha" and exit the restrooms. Luckily that guy is a teenager that is quite good looking, else we might just scream. Hahaha.

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Bunny de Otter said...

haha funny ...somebody more high den u wor .. if i were him i will pretend to be gay den to scare u...