Sunday, November 11, 2007

Malacca day 2

Basically we have nothing in mind where shall we visit on our second day in Malacca, we just wanted to laze around. So we woke up and had our breakfast provided in the hotel gracefully, read the newspaper, play the PSP, took some photo of the hotel's swimming pool.. then we checked out from the hotel in the afternoon and head to Jonker Street again for our lunch.
I had my first prom night here!!! - Legacy Hotel

It's the remote control of the camera

We wanted to go for the famous chicken rice ball, but it was damn crowded! So we went to another shop nearby which sells chicken rice ball as well. This shop is a tourist attraction by itself, the deco is very nice indeed. Then we ordered our chicken rice ball here... hmmm... but the food is so so only..
See the queue??

The place we had our so-so chicken rice ball

The interior of the restaurant. So peaceful.

Really feel like traveled back in time

The ball of chicken rice

After lunch, we walked to the chendol stall at the back of the Jonker Street. It was very crowded also, but we were so blessed that we manage to get a seat for ourselves. Ooooooo, what is more wonderful than having a frizzy chendol under the hot sun????

The Donald & Lily's Chendol

Wooooo~~~~ Goodie goodie

After that we walk around Jonker Street again and then we drove to Mahkota Parade. We walked to the new Dataran Pahlawan also. It's just another new shopping center and nothing's special. Then we grabbed a coffee at Starbucks. After that we heading back to KL. I really enjoyed this Malacca trip very much and felt so rejuvenated afters.

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