Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Things I WANTED to do in Year 2009

It has became a ritual for me to review my past year resolution when a new year is around the corner. Here is what I wanted to do in year 2009, let see how much have I achieved.

Be debt free. Spend wisely.
  • Hmm, this is quite subjective. But I think I have changed quite a lot in my spending habit and I have settled my personal loan!! Seriously I am very happy with it and consider it my biggest achievement in year 2009!! Now I can have a clean start for 2010. Woohoo..
  • Result = Pass

Read more non-fiction, motivation book for personal development.
  • A BIG FAILED. The only non-fiction book I've read for the past year is Malcolm Gladwell's Blink; which took me months to finish and worse I still can't digest well what is this book trying to tell; at the end I still couldn't master the power of thinking without thinking! Hah! I think I better switch back to my fiction book reading.
  • Result = Fail

Make exercise a habit.
  • Yeah, I manage to make exercise a habit. Thanks to the gym room and swimming pool of my condo. However, I still gained weight due to .. what else?.. eating a lot... sigh~
  • Result = 50%

Be more health conscious.
  • Me and Danny cook quite often and I assume that is the biggest stake holder in one's healthy lifestyle. :).
  • Result = Pass

Get rid of skin sensitivity.
  • Phew~ Now when I'm reading my 2009 new year resolution I realize I used to have a terrible skin condition. Thanks God it has improved a lot, above all the rashes are gone. I'm glad that the big bucks I spent in my facial does not go to waste. Perhaps the healthy lifestyle helps too. ^_^
  • Result = Pass

Be more detailed and organized in work.

  • Hmmmm... still lot of room for improvement.
  • Result = 50%

Sit for the exam of saxophone.

  • Aiks, I've stopped my saxophone class since early of the year, let alone taking the exam. Stopped the class due to financial problem, undeniable the pay cut has brought some impact to my life which I have to sacrifice some of my spending and saxophone class is in the list.
  • Result = Fail

To keep my house clean and tidy.

  • I put in lots of effort to keep my house clean and tidy, but Goppy always mess it up with his toys and footprints seconds after I sweep and mop the floor. Anyway, I think I did it quite well, although the neat freak Danny might not agree with me , keke... well, will improve...
  • Result = 50%
More charity work and donation to help people in need.
  • Again, due to the paycut, I couldn't increase my monthly amount for the auto debit donation. :(
  • Result = Fail

Improve my english.

  • hmmmm... I don't even blog that often anymore; shall blame the facebook, don't you agree it's much more convenient to upload photo or status in the facebook rather than blog about it... reading? lesser too.. argh, what's wrong with me.
  • Result = Fail

To be a more homey person.
  • YES!! I officially declare myself a homey person now. :D
  • Result = Pass

Climb the mount Kinabalu.
  • The proof. *proud
  • Result = Pass

Learn up a new talent.
  • Erh, is puppysitting and diving a talent? And I won a runner up in a pool competition, does that count too? Hehe, I guess not...
  • Result = Fail


Anonymous said...

Bravo, your idea it is brilliant

琦筠 said...

Overall u have passed izzit??Congratssss....hehehe..
my big fail is i forget my last year resolution tim!!Crap!!

Tammy said...

I think I failed.. it's only 6.5/13 which is 50%... :(:(:(...

Hmm, maybe you can blog about your new year resolution too so u can review it when after a year. :)