Monday, March 03, 2008

Tammy De Babysitter

I went back to Seremban again for the past weekend. My sister needs me to babysit her two kids while she and her hubby gotta attend a wedding dinner on Saturday night.

First of all, I brought them for dinner. They suggested the nearby Jusco for Secret Recipe. Being an "understanding" yiyi of them, Of course I know their intention behind is the themepark in the same mall after the dinner.

After the dinner, as expected; Hern and Xuan urge me to bring them to the themepark. Definitely I don't want to disappoint them since it's just happend once in a blue moon that I got chance to bring them out alone. They had fun there but luckily they are obedient enough when I asked them to stop after a few round.

Then the next stop is MPH bookstore as Xuan want to read the Pokemon comic book there. We spent some times there to read books, then we bump into a aunty that can recognize Xuan, she thought I am Xuan's mum and keep telling me the story of him in the kindergarten, Haha. Do I really looks like my sister or just I look that old to have two kids? Then we head back home when my sister reached home and call me. It was a real challenge to me actually to babysit them alone, luckily I can handle it without any frustration; in fact I enjoyed it pretty much. Hehe.

Xuan and Hern

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