Thursday, March 20, 2008

Good breakfast, great morning

I had squash with KTV last night and she challenge me to have breakfast with her on the next day aftrer her night shift. How dare she is to challenge me this!

KTV finish her shift at 7am. She gave me a morning call at 6.30am. Surprisingly I am not reluctant to wake up at this hour despite I slept at 2++am this morning. Then I drove to KL to meet her. Wow, it is a public holiday and the road is so vacant, rarely got such chance to drive smoothly in KL.

Then KTV brought me to the Imbi Pasar (?) for Hainan style breakfast. Most of the customers here are aunty-uncle and seems we are the only youngster around, hehe, I doubt shall I still call ourselves youngster? I like this place, so old-school feel. I am so relax and enjoying the nice morning breeze, everyone is slowing down their pace here and I feel so calm. What a good start of the day, isn't it? The teh Hainan and the bread is very nice too, I never tried the teh Hainan before and I fall in love with it now.
The zombie KTV

My "chan yong" after sleeping for just 4 hours

See? All aunty-uncle, and they are friendly too

I heart Teh Hainan

After the breakfast, we walk around other stalls that selling groceries, kuih, fruits and etc at the same place. And I start to feel sleepy and KTV also turn into zombie after her long hour night shift. I don't want her to bite me thus I drove her back to her office and we go back home.

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