Tuesday, March 04, 2008

First day in Puchong new room

Woo hoo, finally I have moved in to the new room I rent from Sexy - my old hometown pal. I really feel good to be able to settle down at last, I have been staying in Kem's place and occasionally in Seremban for the past few weeks and it's very exhausting and not convenient for me.

It's really great to have my own place now, although I'm just renting this room but at least I can do whatever I like in the room and enjoy my privacy to the max. Haha. Really thanks to all my friends that lend me hands during this period. Else I think I really unable to handle all this by myself.

Besides, about my housemate - Sexy. Knowing him for decade and I'm so used to call his nick - Sexy until I forgot his real name. He is a very kind and helpful guy, he helped me to move my stuff up to my room, setup the cabinet and bring me to explore the Puchong, but as known to everyone, he is a very grumpy guy and he keep nagging how can I have so many stuff with me while helping me moving in my stuff. I just can't stop laughing while he nag, it's just so funny and I can imagine what will happen if Chrys is here! Sure Chrys will shoot him and make fun of him again! Haha.


Bunny de Otter said...

haha..ya never denying he is a nice guy and can be relied upon.about his grumble ..really have no idea why is he like tat at his age !!

chrys said...

congratulation... i wish i can hav my own room too. but, so sad. spore room rate is too high la.

aham.. im a nice gal... i will not make fun of him ger la...i will tok nicely to him one. ;p

Lily eeyore said...

hi dear, good to hear that you had settle down now. Hehe...sexy so good!!you should love him more :)

Tammy said...

Wah wah, here comes our guai guai Lily. Don't worry, I will help you to keep an eye on your Sexy geh..