Monday, May 05, 2008

Sports Day

I woke up at 7am last Saturday to attend the sports day of Xuan's kindergarten. Kids nowadays are so heppening, I can't remember I have sports day when I was in kindergarten, or do I?

It is actually very fun to take part in such activity especially if you were a parent, you got the chance to witness how your kid grow up and you can share the precious memory with them. I bet it must be a sweet memory when you look back the old photos one day when they are away studying abroad. Although I am not a parent, but I enjoy having fun with them too. There are so many cutie pies there and it calm my mind when seeing so many innocent faces; the world isn't that corrupted yet huh?

On that event, I saw some parents are just too pamper their kids. Besides, they are too gan jeong about the victory which make their kid so tension; the parents even race together with their kid, need to be like tat meh? It's just a game afterall, just have fun la.

All the Ma Lao Jing

Xuan Xuan really good in kao lui, haha

I'm his yi yi

Xuan Xuan won the 1st place for the individual racing, he is very happy with his gold medal.


liebevoll_yijin said...

I dun think my kindergarten got sports day ler!
Maybe i also not tat sportive!hehe...
but its quite nice tat nowadays kindergarten got so many function de.

chrys said...

hehe.. make me think back so long time tim.. kekeke....

Bunny de Otter said...

oh i can rememebered clearly my sports day !!! haha cuz that's my favourite day of the year !! Still remembered Wong Wai Chi ? She was one of the team's lead ler envious of her that time.

Tammy said...

ooo, I can't even remember the sport day of our primary school la, I think I didnt attend at all, haha, bunny u so geng lo, still can remember who is the team lead.. but somehow I can still remember I was in blue house one..