Thursday, May 01, 2008

Little Bossy Xuan

My nephew - Xuan Xuan likes to call me, everytime when I ask him why he call me and he will tell me it's because he miss me, awww, so sweet isn't it? However, although he is just a 4 years old kid, but I found he is very bossy indeed.

Xuan Xuan : Yi yi, where are you?
Me : At outside lo
Xuan Xuan : What time is it now? (He is a 4 years old kid who don't know how to read clock yet)
Me : 9pm ++
Xuan Xuan : So late already still at outside a? Why still don't want to go back?
Me : (speechless for a while).. hmm, ok, I am on my way home.

Xuan Xuan : Yi yi, are you coming back this Saturday?
Me : Hmm, not sure yet. If I want to come back then I will tell your mommy.
Xuan Xuan : Aiyo, why you always don't want to come back one. You already few weeks didn't come back.
Me : Haha, ok then, I will come back this Saturday la.


Set kian said... can remember the dialog wo....good good....

Tammy said...

haha, of course not exactly the same la. Just to bring out the message.

liebevoll_yijin said...

ahahha..he is ur sister son?
so sweet...

Tammy said...

yeah, my sister's youngest son.. hehe..

Bunny de Otter said...

so sweet .. he warmed my heart too :)

chrys said...

yaya... so nice tat hav someone tat is so caring and cute.. kekeke... i wan to hav a nephew too.

Tammy said...

hehe, chrys, not necessary to have nephew to feel so sweet geh, you can have your own kid too.. hehe