Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dear Pa and Ma

Pa and Ma, did you see me last Saturday in Nilai Memorial Park? It has been a while I didn't dream of you and I wonder are you still "there"? I am glad if both of you have move on and started a new life somewhere.

After so many years, I still miss you very much. Did you hear my whispering on that day? I told you about my job, my life and how's sisters and brothers doing. I wish you can see how cute your grandsons and granddaughters are, definitely you will love them very much as I do and I can imagine the wide open heartly smile on your faces if you see them from up there. :)

Are you proud of me when I tell you I bought a condo recently? I wish you are still around, so that I can spare a room for you to spend your weekends here, and I'll bring you for a pleasant dim sum for breakfast, then enjoy the nice breeze and view from the balcony, but you may nag about me being messy and insist to clean up the house for me, then I may show you my grumpy face, hehe. You know I have been graduated from Uni for almost 4 years, I am no longer the kiddo and boyish me, but I know I am always a kid in your heart. Don't worry about me, I am doing good; just facing a little hiccup lately, but I can still handle it. Sisters and brothers are being very supportive to me. We all miss you very much.

How I wish I can have a nice chat with two of you again and tell you how much I love you. The time being as your daughter are just too short for me, I will carry the memory in my heart forever. I just realize we rarely take a family photo together, and I found this at brother's place that day. Those were the days.. Pa, ma, I love you and hope we can meet again one day.


Bunny de Otter said...

Your article reminds me that i have to love my dad and mom even more .. tell them i love them whenever i can and also not to be jealous over kit's love towards his parents ..haha ..

chrys said...

many feelings come up after reading ur article.. so touching..

Set kian said...

they at a world very far. They all continue their life there. That is a peaceful and beautiful place. There is a place, where we call heaven.
we shall not sad when our loved one left us. Try imagine, if they can communicate with you , they would say they are in good condition and happy now just there were death.

Someday, you and me will be there also. There is our last destination.

liebevoll_yijin said...

i also felt touching!!i wanna love my parents more, love the one who care for me as well!
i hope my parents good health and happy forever!

Tammy said...

I really glad that this blog entry can make a difference on how you cherish your parents.. :)

Abigail said...

Well written article.