Sunday, April 20, 2008

Breakfast at Yut Kee

I guess I got the heredity from my dad that I love having breakfast, I woke up early in the morning on a pleasant Saturday and drove down to KL just to have breakfast with KTV they all.

The hainanese kopitiam we went - Yut Kee, located at Jalan Dang Wangi, is a very traditional kopitiam exist before the Merdeka, and that's why some of my friends call it "Gu Dong Dim" - the antique shop. It is like a blast from the past once you step into this kopitiam, they are using all the ancient furniture - the round marble tables, the yellowish wall painting, the hard wooden chair, the old fashion food cabinet, the hand-written menu, the old potraits, the wooden staircase...

I think the old potrait at the left of this photo is the founder of Yut Kee. Quite spooky eh?

Travel back in time?

The ancient fan and radio

We arrived there before 9am, it was quite crowded but since it is still early for other city-dwellers, we still manage to get a table for 4 of us. We ordered roti babi, french toast, hainanese chicken chop, mee suah, marble cakes and half-boiled eggs!!

Roti Babi is the specialty of Yut Kee and a must-try item, my most favourites. It is a deep fried bread stuffed with minced pork, crab meats, onions and some other ingredients. It is crispy on the outer layer and tenderly soft inside it, very rich with fillings too. Don't forget to eat with the Worcestershire sauce, then you will really get the taste of hang fuk. ^__^..

The perfect match - Roti Babi + Worcestershire sauce

Another specialty of this kopitiam is the marble cake. The marble cake is very butterly and excellent! And I like the french toast as well, it is quite different from the french toast we usually have in hong kong style char chan teng, it doesn't comes with the honey but with homemade kaya instead. The HK style frenchtoast is usually quite soggy because it dip with the honey and thick butter, but this french toast they serve in Yut Kee is having crispy outer crust and yet not too sweet. Just superb.

The marble butter cakes

French Toast serve with homemade kaya

We also had the Hainanese Chicken Chop, not bad too but it is forgetable, anyway, it is worth trying. However, the mee suah is just a so-so, I find it a bit too salty.
Hainanese Chicken Chop

Mee Suah, with the chicken heart

Actually what I love most from Yut Kee is their kopi. The kopi is very kao and fragrant. It is the best coffee in town, can even beat the Starducks and Kopibean.

Woooo, ready to get "weng" by it's thickness

By the time we finished up our food, we intended to chit chat for a while just like other old folks, but we realized there is a long queue outside the kopitiam, thus we just leave the kopitiam and go back home..

Burp.. Opps, excuse me. :p

Yut Kee Restaurant
35 Jalan Dang Wangi
(Opposite Capital Square and Wilayah Complex)
Tel. 03-2698-8108.
Opens from 8am-5pm daily, closed Mondays and last Sunday of the month.


Bunny de Otter said...

wahhhh much yummy food. I have been there ler .. Now when u captured the photo, I remembered d. I always there for lunch when I was working in KL. Near to my office :) Very crowded ler. I like their food :) Yummy.

Tammy said...

yalo, last time i also worked around tat area for my industrial training, n tat's how i knew this place.. alwasy very crowded one

chrys said...

wow... u make me crave for food. sob sob... so hungry.

kUm@ kUm@ said...

hello.. wah its been a long time since I see yer blog ler... how r you doing? wah nice food .. got roti ayam not? non pork one?

Tammy said...

Fuiyoh, Grace, long time no see.. I'm fine, but quite busy lately, tat's why no chance to chat with you during office hour, and you also seldom online after working.. tat's why lor.. hehe.. but i know you must be busy preparing your wedding also la.. so hang fuk neh.. hehe

kUm@ kUm@ said...

haha i got msg u ler always get that system admin msg one...then no reply from u haha..thought night ah pak toh lerr..hahaha one day ler.. invite u go out makan...