Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Simpsons Movie

Yes, I am a sucker who pays for cinema tickets to watch a show which we can get it free from TV. Nevertheless, it is a great super duper funny movie. I can't stop laughing throughout the whole movie and we still keep talking about it after the show.

Quotes *See our family, and feel better about yours.*

Homer Simpson and his spider pig a.k.a Harry Plopper.

Spider-Pig, Spider-Pig.
Does whatever a Spider-Pig does.
Can he swing from a web?
No he can't, cause he's a pig.
Look out! He is the Spider-Pig!

Now guess, what's the the yellow-ness of the movie reminds me of ? ..... ...
.... ....
... ... ....

Yeah, the sponge bob squarepants!!

Sponge bob was also made into a movie, but it wasn't show in Malaysia. Maybe they don't expect much fans of Spongebob in Malaysia. But I can say, this movie is super duper funny as well, if you enjoy the "fai"-ness of The Simpsons Movie, I dare you will enjoy the SpongeBob Squearepants movie as well.

I'm a goofy goober yeah,
you are goody goober yeah,
we're all goofy goober yeah.
Goofy goody goober goober yeah.

Oh, my eyes, my eyes.. my blog are so strikingly yellowish now~~

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