Thursday, July 05, 2007

Mmm... Donuts!

I am not Homer Simpson, but I love donut too. I am so excited when I first knew the Big Apple donuts is in town, well, I know this is not Krispy Kreme, but at least I don't have to stick with the Dunkin Donuts.

I bought a box of six from the only outlet in The Curve after my gym. Yeah, I was craving for something sweet after a hard workout.. hehe.. I know Grace must be shaking her head right now and want to tell me how many calories is in a donut. Haha..

Woohooo, here is my donuts, of course I'm not going to finish all 6 by myself. All their donuts looks very nice, you see the durian flavour is in durian shape somemore, and clearly there are more varieties compare to Dunkin Donuts. Okay, it looks so tempted, and when I first bite on it... how to say, the topping is very nice, especially the Belgium Chocolate flavoured Donut, the topping is really very rich in chocolate taste, but the donut itself is just toooooo airly... you will definitely feel not satisfied after the first one, not due to it is that delicious, just because you feel like eating nothing and crave for more. Anyway, seems we don't have much choices in Malaysia, I think it is still worth trying, it is good but just not great..

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