Wednesday, February 08, 2012

My beloved country

It was a fine day. I came out from Giant in Bandar Puteri after my groceries shopping. I took an illegal turn to avoid the traffic jam ahead. Soon after, a police car popped out and stopped me. Ahhhhh shit, I mumbled under my breath... the policeman asked for my driving license and told me I just did a serious offense and the summons can cost me RM300... well fair enough, I did commit the traffic offence so I am prepared for the summon. Then the policeman remind me again its a serious offense and the summon is expensive bla bla bla, I just nod my head while handing my driving license to him... I knew he is dropping me hints for the duit kopi, I pretend naive because I hate doing this in encouraging the unhealthy trend. Perhaps he think I really couldn't get what he mean, he finally told me directly "saya tolong u settle mau tak?"... then I said "tak apa, saman je.."... still he attempt to scare me with the "expensive" summon, while I insist it's fine and I want the summon, at last the policeman let me go without issue me one. I don't know shall I feel glad for being lucky this round. After he return me the driving license, he still trying "betul-betul tak nak belanja saya minum ke?"... -_-'''... sigh~~~ sad but true, this is my beloved country.. 


Mun Pieng said...

happens all the time. I refused to pay and insisted on the summon and never got any. 3 times this happened to me.

Tammy said...

sigh~ I wonder are they not authorized to issue the summon or simply lazy to do so.. but great, people should know this and not continue the unhealthy trend of corruption