Sunday, September 16, 2007

Shopping shopping shopping

I went Bangsar with Chai Kem for shopping. Before we start our hard-core shopping session, we had our lunch at Delicious, this place is so crowded all the times. The smoked salmon quiche ordered by Chai Kem is very nice, I tried that before thus I ordered myself a beef quiche, but still the salmon one is the best. The portion of Delicious is always big, thus both of us can't finish it. Then we sit there for a while, well, I think it is not a short while but yet is around an hour sitting there and chit chat.

There we go for the shopping. Seems we are getting old, just shop for few boutiques and we are both exhausted. Remember last time we used to take bus down to KL and shop for whole day until all the shops closed, what a crazy shopaholics we were.
Chai Kem... Slept less than 5 hours still wanna go shopping

Me.. with my new hairstyle

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