Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Happy Mooncake Festival

Opps, please allow me to jump queue from posting the photo of the last gathering. I took half day leave yesterday and went back Seremban to celebrate Mooncake Festival with my family. How fast can kid grow, now Ah Xu can call me Yi Yi already!

As usual, adults are chatting and eating the whole night, kids just running here and there the whole night too. And ME, joined the kid to play tanglung and candle! No, don't get me wrong, I am not kiddo, I just can't resist when the kids ask me to play with them. :p..

Don't you think it is fun to talk with kids? they are with great sense of humours .. as instance :

Xuan : Yi yi, this morning Jing Jing cry and don't want go to school.
Me : Yalo, she is naughty. So will you cry when you go to school next year?
Xuan : Of course I will cry also la!!!

Hern : Yiyi, do you know what is inside the moon?
Me : Don't know, what is that?
Hern : Is rabbit... and do you know what is inside the mooncake?
Me : Don't know, what is that?
Hern : is paper..
Jing : No la, inside the mooncake is EGGYOLK!!

Xuan : I want to build a house when I grow up
Me : Who you want to build the house for?
Xuan : Of course is for myself la.
Me : Why for yourself only? Then where is papa mama going to stay?
Xuan : Aiya, they got their own house ma.

Me : Jing, your mummy said you tell lie. Why do you want to tell lie? did you tell lie to your teacher?
Jing : Nola, I never tell lie to teacher.
Me : Then why you just tell lie to mummy?
Jing : because teacher got bigger cane..

Hern : Yi yi, that day Ah Xuan poo poo on his pants
Me : Ah Xuan, why you poo poo on your pants?
Xuan : Oo, at first I wanna fart, then dunno why the poo poo also comes out.

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