Thursday, June 07, 2007


I went to Hospital University to visit my uncle; I bought some food for my aunty who take care my uncle in hospital and I chit chat with them for a while. It has been sometimes we never have a nice talk like this and I can feel that they are happy for the companion although I am just their niece. You see, it is just that simple to please your beloved.

But it was too late for me to realize about this, cause I never did the same thing to my dad while he was in hospital for his chemotherapy. I always feel obliged to visit my dad in hospital, moreover, I am not having a good relationship with my dad during my treason period. There is a time when my dad disallow me to go out with my ex-bf and our relationsip turns really sour. Now I really regret on my silly behaviour.

I am the youngest in the family and there is a big gap between me and my siblings, thus my dad pamper me the most in my family. I still remember everytime he came back from oversea, he will bring me alot of soft toys, and I will kiss him good night before go to bed. I don't know since when I don't kiss my dad good night anymore and I don't even bother to talk to him.

It is truly an unforgetable moment when there are few times I chat with my dad alone in hospital during his treatment. I never feel so close with my dad before that. I can feel my dad love me so much during that conversation and I start to regret for my own mistake. Anyway, due to the fact that I was raised up in a typical chinese family, I feel reluctant to express my feeling and apologize to my dad. Until my father passed away and I know I will never have chance to apologize to him anymore. I must have disappoint my dad badly.

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