Monday, May 07, 2007

I love BKK - day #1

This is the first experience for backpacking that we've ever been and already it started with a difficult theme. We missed our flight out to Bangkok by 5 minutes.

Having said that, AirAsia refuse to let us in the flight, stating difficulties in reconfiguration of flight plans, into escalation of costs.Yes it does seems that they are winning on a very lean cost where everything is taken into account to keep the cost low.

The next available connecting flight out of LCCT, KL was at 15:00, a good 7 hours from the time where we were left hanging at the terminal. We took the decision to purchase a connecting flight from Phuket to Bangkok, burning a $1300 hole further into the existing $700. We had no choice.

The hours left waiting for the flight, we slept on benches at the terminal. This reminds me of Tom Hanks in the movie, The Terminal. However, LCCT do not have comfy beds to sleep in. We slept an hour and a half on the bench. Woke up and got something light to eat. While in no mood of eating, I just want to make the flight this time and connect to BKK.

We touch down in Suvarnabhumi International Airport at 7pm local time. Finally, we made it to our destination after all the waiting and loafing around the airportS. The new international airport just opened not too long ago sports a magnificient structure, huge and impression. With metal beams and glass windows all around, it has a very modern feel to it.

We later hail a cab to go to our hotel, a budget hotel along Bangkok's famous Khao San road. We got ripped off the minute we reached Bangkok. The cabbie, a rather stump and green Thai in his early thirties, didn't managed to get us to the hotel doorsteps, having needed us to find our path instead. After half an hour with carrying our backpacks, we found our place.

Our next agenda of the day, was to check-in and settle down. Having said so, we proceed to drop our stuff and explore the vibrant night markets of Khao San.

It was truly an eye opener as swarms of hippie "farang" backpackers flock to Khao-San road, getting drunk and living it out. The blend of east and west so evident here. They mix and blend in with the locals, from hair braiding to tattoos, they went into camouflages with the locals. It was a magnificent sight. Its even more magnificent as people really enjoying themselves there. The food, the cheap booze, reggae music and live bands. It's the ultimate backpacker paradise. I have to admit, I do enjoy alot being here in Khao San where the folks are friendly and even ready to lend a helping hand.

After about or two hours walking the streets, scouring for odd food and clothing, its time to refine into our basic backpacker room. Now the room is really basic, clean so-so, but still there's nothing much you can ask for with a budgeted inn like this. The thing is, it's great experience. Something everyone ought to try out once in their lifetimes.

More action and report coming up...

===Written by Allan===

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