Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fun in Poo-get

We took a domestic flight from Bang-cock to Poo-get on the 3rd Day. Once arrived, we look for our day-tours as soon as possible. It was already late and again, we were is a hurry. After a few shops later, we settled for a shop outside our hotel. It was a tough bargain, the day-tour wasn't exactly cheap, at 2300 THB per person inclusive Islands hopping in Phi-phi and Canoeing in Phang Nga Bay for two days. But I guess, we just had no choice but to take the tour.

Then we had our dinner at a seafood food stall by the roadside for some Thai seafood. The next day, we had to wake up fairly early, at about 6am, as we have already booked the island hoping in Phi-phi day tour. We had to be up and breakfast by 7am as the minibus is going to pick us up at 8am. It took about 40 minutes to reach the pier that would bring us to Phi-phi and another 40 minutes just to get there. Ride was fairly bumpy, the waves just too heavy at times and the rainy season of May just to make up for it.

First island we went to was Koh Phi-phi Leh, on Maya beach, place where the infamous "The Beach" was filmed. And it is because of this film which causes Maya Beach to be so famous of those flocked to Phuket.

Beach is nice, which is great place to be. Sand is smooth and soft, like FLOUR. One of the best I've ever seen, feel, touch. Water is clean and pristine. Just wonder how long, it would last, considering tourists now venture to the place.
Maya Beach, jade-like water and flour-like sand

And the nice background

Well basically,thats the whole main point of the trip, the highlight of all the rest of the stops were meagre at best, nothing that our own islands here in Malaysia can't provide. We visited Loh Sa Mah Bay, Viking Cave, Phi-phi Don island, Monkey Beach and we ended our tour at an island they call Koh Khai. Also uninhabbited except for maybe chickens or maybe monkeys! Sand was rough and sharp due to dead corals washed ashore. Did not do much of a swimming here, basically hang around and drill, and had a Singha at the end.
Singha !!

Loh Sa Ma Bay which we are suppose to snorkel here, but we couldn't make it due to the rainy season. Really crystal clear water and you can see lots of fish.

The tour was so-so to say. We back to our hotel room in Patong beach, packed up and head out again. Patong beach is a NICE beach, sandy soft, smooth sand comparable to Redang (yes, it has become a benchmark) but still is uncomparable to Maya Beach's flour like sand.
Patong Beach filled with Guai Lou

We had a great time there, waves was huge and comes in intervals when we're mostly not on water. It was still a great fun though, but it soon get dark afters.

There are lots of shops along the Patong Beach and also night market. After dinner at RockCity, we had King-Kong burger and a few cocktails, we walked the streets of Patong and it infamous red-light district Soi Bangla. Here, pubs, discos promise to offer 'sexy times' to visitors from all over.
The Rock City, I smell Paris Hilton

Ready for big lobster?

Back at the hotel, was feeling rather lax-ety and got stuck in the bathroom for an hour in and off. The diarrhea we suspect, could be food poisoning but sources unknown, most probably the 100 BHT for 4 pieces of oyster we ate at the make-shift stall not far from out hotel.

The tiredness of both the day tour and non-stop visits to the loo have been an experience more than unique and will definitely haunt us for trips to come.

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