Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A Beautiful Blessed Day

Due to late night working on the night before until 3am++, I have the privilege to work from home for today. However, I don't have much task on hand and basically it means all I need to do is checking my email every hour to see if there are any new task coming in. Pretty relax isn't it?

I woke up at 10am, seeing Goppy playing by himself beside my bed; it put a smile on my face because I'm glad that he didn't disturb my sleeping, what a good boy :). Then I turned on my laptop. While waiting for my laptop to boot up, I took my sweet time to make myself a cuppa and toast with cheese to kick start a good morning. I enjoyed it with all the windows in my house widely opened, let the sunlight warm the floor and sofa, hearing the splashing from the swimming pool, feeling the breeze from the balcony.. Even Goppy also love it and sleep on my lap soundly, so manja~

Then after finish all my task for the day, I do the housekeeping and laundry too. Hehe, I'm so proud when seeing my house all clean and sparkling. After that I sneak out to the market near by to buy ingredients for dinner.

Menu of the day :
- Herbal Chicken Soup
- Tau fu with minced pork and salted fish
- Vegetable in oyster sauce
- Honeydew for dessert

Sound great? Right after I finish the cooking, Danny came back from work, the timing is just nice. Today I tried the taufu recipe provided by Chrys, wow, really yummy eh, I like it but still got room for improvement, hmmm. The fun of cooking will never be complete if that's not for your love one.

Albeit what I did today it's not a great achievement, it might be just an ordinary day for a housewife, but seriously I'm kinda satisfied and feeling contented.

Goppy also relaxing after the dinner


琦筠 said...

Meaningful day ler~~

tammy said...

hehe, you are now the siu lai lai dy, everyday also can live like this..