Friday, August 17, 2007

Precious Moment with my Dad

I chat with my sister today.. and we talk about dad, it rings my bell on lots of precious moment I had with my dad. My dad always went outstation since I am young until my secondary school day. Although he just came back home once every few months, but he must bring me to book shop whenever he is back from outstation. Those days we don't have big book shop like MPH we have nowadays, he will just brought me to one small book shop in the town or rather merely a stationary shop called Sinaran in Seremban, there I start to cultivate my hobby in reading. I love going book shop with my dad, and also it is a most excited moment for me when there is book fair coming to town coz I know definitely my dad will bring me there and I can buy load of story books.. Although we are not a very rich family during that time, but my dad never say no when I wanna buy any book.. Now I recall I love reading since young, I have lots of story books at home.. I read a very thick "Journey to the West", "Romance of the three Kingdom" and "Water Margin" while I was in primary school. Until now I still love reading, thanks daddy, you always put attention to our education, how lucky am I to have you as my daddy...

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