Sunday, December 17, 2006

Yeah yeah, good news!!

Muahahaha, I won a holiday getaways from a contest!!! I have been contacted by the representative from Master card regarding this 2 weeks ago, and I don't quite believe it. Until today, I saw my name on The Star newspaper!!! hahaha, it's unbelievable. It is actually some contest for Petronas customer who swap their master card at their petrol station. Ridiculously, I am not a regular customer of Petronas. And how I won this was during that time my car broke down, I drove to this nearest petrol station which is Petronas to pump the petrol. Hahaha, 塞翁失马,焉知非福.. Anyway, I don't know where is the destination of this holiday package yet, maybe it is just a 3 days 2 night stay at first world hotel.. ||o__o.. erghhh.. I am not that greedy, I will be happy if it is a europe or tokya tour, mua hahahahah.. I wish..

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