Friday, November 17, 2006

I am free!!!

I felt like I was being isolated by the world. Since last two weeks I came back from Hong Kong, I just went to office for one day, after that I worked from home for a whole week. For the sake of doing 24/7 support, I am not suppose to leave my house for more than an hour. Imagine, I didnt go to any shopping center, or meet any of my friends, or even go to gym in this two weeks, the only place I go is the vegetarian restaurant within a stone away from my place. Worst thing is, two weeks for not doing exercise makes me feel like am the Garfield, and I miss my lunch mate very well, I think I have missed out a lot of funny thing happened in office. Finally, I am free today!!! I was extremely high since this morning, I spent two hours of lunch with Grace in The Curve, inclusive shopping. Haha. Then after works, I can't wait to go gym, I can feel the divine energy passing through my body while working out. I think since the last 6 months, I never stop more than one week of exercise, I think I get addicted to it. Haha.... Now I am planning for tomorrow..Hmm, shall I go shopping? or movie? or ..... Wow, I am free I am free!!!

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