Sunday, April 22, 2012

Marriage Preparation Course - Class 4

The class #4 was the most embarrass topic; it's "Sex in Marriage". 

The truth of the matter is not many couple will talk about sex openly and honestly; however we couldn't agree more that sex is very very important in a marriage. It marvelously expresses and deepens the love between husband and wife. And love is, of its very nature, life giving. 

Sex is totally engaging, and it is personal. Because each of us is a unique person and make us an unique couple, the intimate unions of our hearts, minds, and bodies will also be special and unique, so this week's exercise was for us to speak openly with our fianc√©/fiancee about our thought on sex and discuss about our beliefs, attitudes, and expectation for a love relationship. And lastly share our thoughts on having children. 

As usual, some meaningful reading of the night :

Actually, sex has very little to do with organs and technique. It has everything to do with where we are with each other in our overall life together: the good morning kiss, the way we talk to each other, the look in our eyes, the way we touch, talking everything over, not being able to wait to be with the other person. These are just as important to our sexual experience of each others as the most intimate cares at night. That's it. That is the name of the game when it comes to sex. The more you are really involved with each other all day long in every way, the more exciting and delightful sex will be for you two. 
A sexual relationship has the power to give life. That power is what makes sexual communication the most meaningful expression of who a husband and wife are to each other. To conceive a child is to say, "I commit myself to you; I belong to you in a unique way, and you and our children are the center of my universe." It is to say, "I really believe that you and I are so responsible that we intend to trust each other completely" 
When it comes to deciding whether or not to create life from their love, a man has no right to ask a woman to become pregnant unless he is also willing to be a full time father. It has to be a couple pregnancy, not just the woman's. If a man is thinking about being a father, he has to ask himself if he is willing to be as involved in the raising of the children as he expects his wife to be. If his answer is no, then he really should ask himself if he is ready to marry her. 

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