Thursday, March 24, 2011

Money is not everything

A friend of mine told me money is not everything. This statement make me ponder for a while. No, it's not about whether I agree with it, but it's about why did he need to remind me that? It used to be the other way round when friend and family remind me to be more financial conscious.. Am I no longer the person that have no clue about financial planning, and dun give a damn about savings for bad time? I think it started since years ago when I just bought the house I'm staying now. It was a terrible dark days where I spent all my savings and in big debts due to all the monthly instalment and commitment I have, I admit I wore a hat bigger than my head and I nearly lost my breath. And that's the time I realize how important money is and day after day I become the now-me who is, I hate to say, but, materialistic. I really hate being one. :(

I know, the matter of fact is money is still important, but it is not everything, and it should never be the driven factor for all the decision I made and going to make. And most importantly, I shall treasure the real essential things around me which is not to be measured by money. Remind myself to love life; and enjoy it.

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Danny said...

I love u dear