Thursday, January 06, 2011

An Yeong Ha Se Yo

My 4th day in Korea and probably this is one of the best day I have so far. I off work by 10pm, walked to the E-mart to grab some groceries, back to my apartment and had a HOT bath with my facial mask on, then sipping a bowl of Makkoli with strawberry and blogging while waiting Danny to come online.. ^__^

walk to and from office everyday in the snow. -13 degree celcius ain't no joke.

Yeah, I like the Makkoli more than the famous Korean soju. It's a milky rice wine and taste sweet & sour. Too bad I can't bring this back home coz it can't be kept for more than 1-2 days. I bought some Soju for Danny though :)

The tall green bottle is the Makkoli, must drink with bowl. When in korea, do the korean do.

And yeah, people talk about Korean strawberry a lot. It's indeed veeery sweet and not sour at all. It's nice, but still, fruit's just fruit, nothing to shout for. Btw I find their strawberry jam is nice.. gonna curi few small packet from my hote breakfast back home.. kekeke, yeah, I'm cheapskate.

Then the work culture.. its always long working hour, 9am till 11pm almost everyday. Meeting the whole day, lunch, drinking, dinner, drinking again, back to office continue working till late night, then go home. -___-. It's long working hour but doesn't seems productive to me. And they just speak in Korean in all the meeting. Imagine forcing yourself in a cinema for a bollywood movie without subtitle *sweat.... Btw there is a culture where I super loving it, which is the boss always pay for lunch and dinner.. EVERYTIME!! I dunno whether they claim it or not la.. but who cares, I got free meal everyday. hehe..Ya, told ya I'm cheapskate... but hey, their food are expensive, one simple meal can simply cost you rm30-40 .. even from the office canteen also cost RM10!

Talk about food. Korean food is nice. I love their bibimbap and the sweet&sour pork belly. See if I have time to explore the nice food in Seoul this weekend. :) Then will blog more about it.

Arghhhhh, see how many paragraphs I've blogged dy but where are you Mr. Wong??????!!

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