Saturday, October 09, 2010

Sapa, Vietnam

Sapa is in the southwest of Vietnam and close to the China border. We board a night train for 8 hours from Hanoi to Lao Chai on the first day we touched down Vietnam; followed by another 3 hours "thrilling" ride up to the Sapa mountain with a mini bus. Yes, it's very tiring; but trust me, the wonderful scenary worth all the hassle we've been through.

The train we board on

It's quite a decent train. Clean, and air-conditioned
On the first day we were in Sapa, we went to the famous weekend market - Bac Ha. It's a very special experience where you can see many people from the hill tribes wearing their colourful traditional costume trading almost everything in the market - handicraft, clothes, food and even snake!

for sale.

The next day, we started our trekking trip in the morning. It was a 2 days adventure. The first day was a holy 15 km trekking into the village; spend the night at the traditional homestay, then continue the trekking the next morning till afternoon. The view along the trail is breathtaking, there are the picturesque paddy terrace in sight, and the beautiful waterfall too.

second from left - our tour guide, Lan

Finally the village is in sight after 8 hours of trekking.

We spent a night at the rural village for a homestay. I like the homestay very much, the house owner made us a delicious dinner which undeniable the best meal we had in Vietnam, and the surrounding are so serene where you just don't feel tired anymore despite the 8 hours trekking.

The ever wonderful homestay

Serene kempung feel
The house owner made us delicious dinner with the old-schooled chimney

then we had dinner together. With beer. :D
then, nighty night~ :)
After a good night sleep in the nice chilling weather. We started our trekking again. The tour guide made us lunch at a hut along the trail; after the lunch, we continue our journey to the bus station to take us back to our hotel. Then we had shower and dinner then another bumpy road journey back to the Lao Cai train station and head back to Hanoi. :D
Bye bye Sapa~


Anonymous said...

nice trip, nice view and nice coffee. :)
want to hear all about vietnam from u... let's meeting up when u free. :)

Tammy said...

thanks. :).. btw, who is this?

Anonymous said...

nice trip ... plan to go back