Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Art of Communication - by Tammy

He or she who willing to stay for an argument with you, is someone who truly care and love you. Argument could be another form of communication, provided two person can reach a consensus and results with a solution. If a relationship reach to a point where both fed up with the argument and give up the communication, that's the end of all.

Girl usually tend to be more emotional; especially when one just started a relationship. Both seems to be so tense up and thus, I hate to say so, we try to attract attention by being a "little bit" grumpy and demanding. Yeah, just a little bit, if you believe so :p. Honestly, I'm not an exception case for this.

I'm lucky, I am so lucky to have my better half who always being so patience with me and has a high level of endurance with my loud and high pitch voice. Neither he will just compromise everything to me, nor simply keep quiet throughout the "conversation" (which will even irritate me more!), but he always calm me down and be a good listener. Then he will guide me through the communication and convey his thought to me, apparently this is how we gain better understanding on each other day after day.

We must admit there is no such thing as "perfect match" exists, even both share a lot of similarities; afterall, relationship is all about compromise, or else complement, but both can't be achieved without communication at the first place to understand each others' needs. Cheers~


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Bunny de Otter said...

yea i beleive there is no perfect match. most important is 2 person need to communicate their thoughts, trust each other and also to compliment and compromise ! ganbate neh !