Monday, January 04, 2010

Just A Little Thing about Danny and I

Danny and I were colleagues since ever we started being together. After a year, this is the first day we go to work separately coz Danny has started his new job.

Due to the location of his new office and the rush hour, Danny left home for work this morning while I am still sleeping. It's indeed very early and all I remember is me mumbling a good luck to him with my half closed eyes. :p

Few hours later when I woke up from sleep, I felt rather hollow seeing the empty space at the other side of the bed. Then I drag myself out of bed, dress up, pack my laptop bag, feed Goppy and get myself ready for work.

While on my way to office, the nostalgia for our "colleagues" days just kick in. Those were the days we greet each other a good morning when we both wake up in the morning together on a working day. At this time, Goppy already woke up too and stretching himself beside our bed. Then he will jump onto our bed and play manja with us; this is usually the cutest moment of him without the regular hyperactive. :)

After that, I will take my sweet time to dress up for work and no doubt Danny will get all ready much faster than me. Then he will pack his laptop bag as well as mine, and feed Goppy breakfast too. :D. Sometimes when I take longer time in the morning, Danny will on his laptop to read his emails or make a simple breakfast for me and himself. :D:D:D. It's very sweet I know. Very very sweet,. <3

Then when I'm all done, I just need to sit in the car comfortably and reach office without sweat. :D:D:D:D:D... Aw~ Dear, thanks for everything you have done for me. It's such a sweet memory while we both work in HP. I start miss those days already although it's just the first day we are no longer going to work together. Distance makes the heart grow fonder I guess.

Btw, it's a new year, and you are with a new company now, hope you enjoy your new job! XOXOXO

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