Wednesday, February 14, 2007

地狱黑仔王 Part 2

I was being robbed by a bastard armed with knife in Monday morning. It happened in the morning at the carpark of my office. It happened in just a spite of moment, and I gone blank when that bastard showed a knife in front me. Then he cut off my handbeg and took away my laptop as well.

I screamed and cried, but nobody around. The guard only noticed me when I entered the office building, then they chase the bastard, just as expected, they failed to get him. He looks like a drug addict and he is alone and without any transport.

Then I ran to my office and told my manager, and he sent me to make the police report. After that I drove to Allan's home as I don't have phone to contact him. He was shocked when seeing me appear in front of his house during office hour, I became speechless when I am about to tell him what's going on. Then we quickly cancelled all my credit cards, atm cards and SIM card.

The news spread to my siblings and they keep calling to Allan's number to look for me... then everytime when I repeat the story I cry again. Definitely I got a big scared, the knife is so sharp that he can easily cut my handbeg that made with leather. Luckily he didnt stubbed me, else I wont be able to blog here anymore. But still I feel upset when think of all my precious belonging in my hand beg gone. And now I become very paranoiac, I dare not to walk alone even it is during day time..

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david said...

Really sorry to hear that. Be really careful there. When CNY is near, things are quite sui sometimes.

Pray for ya :)